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You don’t need us to tell you that cybersecurity is one of the most serious threats facing businesses today. What you do need to know is what’s going on in cyber criminals’ heads.

What opportunities are they excited about? What techniques have caught their eye? What are the new trends in cyber criminality that they can take advantage of? But most importantly, what’s their next move?

This guide will empower businesses to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals, getting the inside track on how:

  • Generative AI means you need to be clever about spotting phishing emails
  • Ransomware attacks are about much more than just ransoming data
  • While you focus on next-generation security threats, the basics are still being exploited
  • The weak links in supply chains are attackers’ biggest targets
  • Wherever your people work from, they’re a target

But most importantly, readers will get the advantage over the criminals, so that they can protect, innovate, and adapt to whatever gets thrown at them – and do it all without their colleagues in other teams even noticing.

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