Advanced DevOps Security, Protect From Source To Edge.

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Securing your software supply chain is an increasingly complex problem with evolving attack methods and a mix of security point solutions, which can leave you with security blind spots and gaps across your supply chain. DevOps and security professionals are left to figure out how to maintain development speed without sacrificing the trust in your releases. Ensuring developers have integrated security automation and knowledge at their fingertips is the panacea of secure software delivery at the speed of DevOps. 

JFrog Xray is an application security solution that integrates advanced security automation and know-how directly into DevOps workflows, enabling teams to deliver trusted software releases faster.

Discover the 10 top supply chain security issues, identfied by JFrog Xray and the JFrog Platform, that attackers use to compromise developers' processes with, including:

  •  Container contextual analysis 
  •  Malicious package detection  
  •  Operational risk policies  

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