Dell Technologies & Intel Xeon Platinum
Dell Technologies & Intel Xeon Platinum

The Workstation Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing and Engineering

Published by Dell Technologies

Forward-looking enterprises are investing in digital transformation, acquiring technology and services that accelerate innovation, enhance competitiveness, and help develop new areas of growth. Just as with any technology, different workstations are suited to different environments and needs.

Trying to save a small amount on hardware costs can end up costing a lot more than you realise, so we will guide you in 4 parts to the right choice:

Part 1: Digital transformation means many key parts of the business now depend on specific and often very demanding applications.

Part 2: The outcome of these applications can determine the health of the company.

Part 3: Applications can have very specific demands on hardware and the underlying platform compatibility is critical. Certification helps guarantee a reliable solution.

Part 4: Choosing and paying for the right workstation means understanding the specific roles and workloads and buying a machine certified to handle the load.

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