Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Proofpoint Insider Threat Management

Published by Proofpoint

Strengthening cybersecurity continues to be a top business initiative driving technology spending. Yet many organisations are unable to acquire effective cybersecurity tools, and, with the global cybersecurity skills shortage, are equally unable to recruit the requisite staff. This leads to weaknesses or even holes in the organisation’s cybersecurity defenses, particularly when it comes to insider threats, increasing the risk of compromise.

ESG validated that Proofpoint Insider Threat Management (ITM) effectively addresses the insider threat challenge by generating user-attributed data activity with an easy-to-use timeline view and screen captures. The solution accelerates incident response and remediation, providing substantial cost savings and reducing organisational risk. Proofpoint ITM is also used as the front-end forensic investigation tool for SIEMS and other cybersecurity controls, enhancing user productivity and increasing efficiency.

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