Data Visibility Planning Guide: Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification

Published by Thales Group

The main purpose of this “Data Visibility Planning Guide” is to ensure that all the digital assets in your organization have an appropriate classification policy defined for them and to help ensure security teams have visibility of those items that require protection. The classification employed for each asset will limit its use and the implementation of security policies around the asset to reduce the risk of data violations that can compromise data integrity or confidentiality.

Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification enables you to get a clear understanding of what sensitive data you have, where it is located, and its risk of exposure. 

This guide covers the following aspects of defining the data classification strategy:

  • Providing guidance on orchestrating the data discovery and classification planning in your organization
  • Identifying what sensitive data your organization has, where it is, and how it relates to data privacy regulations
  • Understanding and defining data sensitivity levels as part of an impact analysis exercise
  • Providing guidance on the remediation process
  • Identifying the main roles and responsibilities related with this process

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