Sharing the Workload of Workload Security

Published by VMware

Security teams need the help of IT operations to secure workloads IT admins and security teams both play their parts to keep systems secure, but in relative isolation of each other. However, the transition to cloud environments for applications and workloads is forcing a change in how these roles are executed.

According to a Forrester Consulting Spotlight report, only 33 percent of organizations have IT and security as one unified team today, but 47 percent believe unification will be the norm in three to five years. There is no better time for a new approach that facilitates cohesion between these teams.

This white paper covers the key constructs to enable both security and IT teams to proactively reduce the attack surface and harden assets. Adopting these constructs will bridge the gap between these teams, simplify operations, and share the workload of workload security.

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